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Lenard’s Chicken is Australia’s favourite chicken shop and a leader amongst Australia’s fresh food retailers. Our unique concept of value-adding to fresh chicken is a leader in the marketplace. This concept is one our competitors have tried hard to imitate with little success.  



Australians are eating 15kg more chicken meat than they did 15 years ago thanks to health trends and the climbing price of beef. We now eat 46.2kg of chicken a year - 50% more than 15 years ago when chicken consumption was 31kg. During this time beef consumption has fallen from 38kg per capita to 31kg. Beef prices are tipped to continue to rise with a 50% jump predicted in the next year. There has never been a better time to be in the chicken business! (Source: The Australian, 10/06/2015)



We've been a franchise business from day one – our Franchise Owners are every bit our customers as the customers in store. We know that successful, happy and profitable Franchise Owners are the foundation and the future of the business. And that’s why we're always innovating to deliver greater value for our Franchise Owners. Even after almost 30 years of operation, Lenard's Chicken challenges itself as it did in the first years. In recent years we've launched some of the greatest developments and significant innovations in our history.


It's clear that chicken represents a solid opportunity! And when you do it as well as we do, it looks even better! Lenard's truly is a one-of-a-kind - no one can do what we do. It's this solid foundation that has seen the Lenard's Chicken business and our Franchise Owners continue to grow over the years.

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